The light-hearted Warranty Airlines awards lunch for LABC was held in the clouds at Landing 42. After being ‘checked-in’ and clearing ‘security’, guests enjoyed canapés such as Lamb anticuchos with “Eau de LABC” lavender vaporiser bottle for guests to spritz; ‘Toblerone’ lamb mole glazed triangles; Arbroath smokie and gruyere croquettes with Crème de le Mer dip; Brit pub Costa del Sol mini burger and pintini of meat liquor and potato foam; and Truffled cheddar sandwich in branded laser-cut sandwich boxes. In-flight lunch started with Inverawe smoked and confit sea trout, smoked prawns, caviar, molasses bread, brown butter foam, followed by Lamb shoulder, ras al hanout, sweet potato mash, kale and pecan slaw. After which the flight crew’ helped guests go off to sleep, shortly before waking them for breakfast of ‘Eggs Benedict’ – brioche pudding, passion fruit, papaya, almond, accompanied by a small coffee chocolate cup.

“The feedback has been amazing! The food was immense!  I think the portions and flavours were spot on, could not fault it. Honestly don’t know how we are going to top the event next year – most people are saying it was the best one yet and I have to agree with that!”

Frzana Ferguson, LABC