Science Museum

750400Yes West London

The Science Museum provides an unparalleled opportunity to view historical objects alongside cutting-edge technology and interact with contemporary science news and debate, helping visitors make sense of the science that shapes their lives and to inspire the next generation of scientists. Perfect for events, the venue boasts a range of inventive and interactive galleries, as diverse in size as subject matter including a 700sqm blank-canvas space, a 414-seat IMAX Theatre, and the elegant Directors’ Suite.

The Museum’s Energy Hall brings together Britain’s engineering achievements, with branding opportunities such as the LED display on the dramatic Energy Ring. The atmospheric Exploring Space gallery showcases real spacecraft and Making the Modern World gallery boasts a variety of fascinating vehicles and aeroplanes including world famous steam locomotive, Stephenson’s Rocket and the Apollo 10 command module. Further exciting aviation exhibits can be found in the Museum’s replica aircraft hanger, Flight gallery, and the interactive Wellcome Wing’s award-winning futuristic spaces are dedicated to sharing the latest breakthroughs in science, medicine and technology, exploring brain science and genetics, climate change and future technologies.